The Full Time School is currently in session every weekday Monday – Thursday from 8am to 3pm and Fridays from 8am – Jumu’ah Prayer. Investment in education is the best investment one can make, because it eventually leads to intellectual property. Therefore, it is our mission that each student develops a positive identity as a Muslim and becomes prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in tomorrow’s world.


Elementary School Curriculum
Using K-12’s curriculum the Full Time School focuses on the four core
subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies as well as Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies. Our School meets or exceeds Common Core Standards. Combining academics with strong guidance and character education program, we help our children to become model Muslims, global citizens, and lifelong learners. Elementary Quran curriculum offers basic recitation rules of Quran followed by complete recitation of Quran.


Middle School Curriculum 
BMCC is proud to announce the implementation of a unique, working memory based middle school curriculum for the Muslim community in the US with an emphasis on Qur’an memorization. Through K-12’s unique online-based model, we offer a parallel hafz program that focuses on improving the working memory through Qur’an memorization (with an optional hafiz track) and an intensive Arabic language program.


Our Distinguishing Features:

  • Small Student:Teacher ratio
  • Based on common core state standards along with Islamic and Arabic education
  • Accreditation from K-12
  • Hafiz & Arabic language prep
  • Leadership programs and Character education
  • Rigorous Academic Program (STREAM)
  • Extra Curricular Programs
  • School & Family Interaction

Our Education Philosophy: 

The illumination of the mind in science and knowledge, and the light of the heart in faith and virtue which makes the student fly in the skies of humanity on two wings and seek Allah’s approval through service to other. Students should learn modern world science and technology as well as Islamic Studies


Tuition Fee :

  • Pre-K – 8th Grade Full Day:            $495 per month

Admissions: Admissions are done on First-Come First-Serve basis and with sole discretion of BMCC school committee.
School currently don’t have provision for special need students


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