Brentwood Muslim Community Center is an organization driven purely by the blessings that its volunteers bring. We have formed several committees which are responsible for various aspects of the Center and its activities. We wholeheartedly believe that serving the community will help you grow as a person and provides a wealth of hands-on learning experience, provide a great way to get to know the community and most importantly, become a form of worship to our Creator. Volunteers are our center’s backbone that allow us to provide quality programming and increase services for our community members. We are grateful for all the dedicated volunteers that have helped shape our programming and made a difference in the lives of many.

As a volunteer at BMCC, you can get involved as much as you want or as little as you want. Ideally, we recommend new volunteers initially sign up for smaller projects for a fixed duration, before choosing to move on to larger projects. The following committees offer volunteer opportunities.

Committee Committee Email Committee Charter Become a Volunteer
Events info@brmcc.org The events committee manages the BMCC annual calendar which highlights the annual events. Duties include coordinating dates and reserving halls, managing and contacting resources and instructing teams to execute community events (Picnics, Community Iftars, Eid Gatherings, etc.) Volunteer
Facilities info@brmcc.org This group’s objective is to maintain our center and make sure it is in full service to the community. Responsibilities include inspections of property and equipment, facilitate all events taking place at the center, come up with a list of vendors whom we work with on facility related issues, maintain upkeep of center, and look to make enhancements to further serve the growing needs of our community. Volunteer
Finance info@brmcc.org Taking responsibility for all finance related items of BMCC, the group needs assistance in ensuring that best practices for a non-profit are followed, audit preparations, issuing monthly statements, payments process and seek methods to generate funds. Volunteer
Dawah imam@brmcc.org BMCC has been an active member of dawah activity taking place in the Brentwood Farmers Market. We will continue to build connections with other faith groups, participate in events and have been hosting events at our facility. Volunteer
Hikmah School hikmahschool@brmcc.org Any volunteers, who can deliver or assist in teaching Arabic, Quran, Tajweed and Fiqh will be most welcomed. Volunteer
Jumma imam@brmcc.org  BMCC is searching for more volunteer Khateebs.  Please use this form to sign up if you feel you would be suitable and are willing to take on this responsibility. The Imam will review applications and contact potential Khateebs. New Khateebs must be interviewed by the Imam before they are scheduled for Friday Khutbahs. Volunteer
Membership info@brmcc.org Your membership donation of $100 includes janazah package and 10% off BMCC programs. Volunteer
Youth imam@brmcc.org The Youth Group is always looking for more volunteers such as sport activities, halqa groups, etc. Volunteer